Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Super Simple Holiday Wreath

I have made many crafts throughout the last few decades. Often with things that can easily be found around the house. Why? Because growing up those were the supplies my mom gave me to use. If it was not necessary for something, or it was going to go in the garbage anyway, I could use it!
Some of the things I've used many times over the years? Toilet paper tubes and paper towel tubes. They are very handy and versatile.
I saw this blog posting about a pretty wreath made using tubes, and I had to do something like it with my kids! Well, at least the 10 year old...wreath making is a little advanced for a toddler. ;-)

Supplies needed:
1 toilet paper tube
1 paper towel tube
duct tape
decorations from the dollar store
an image you want to use
whatever other decorating items you want

Total amount of money I spent on this project: $4.

Start by putting strips of duct tape down the length of the tubes. Make the tape longer than the tubes by a couple inches.

Smooth the tape down and tuck the ends inside the tube.

Overlap each new piece of tape you put on by about 1/2" to make sure there is no tube showing through. Once the entire thing is covered on the outside cut it open along one of the tape edges. I say cut it open AFTER it's all tape on the outside so that the tube is more solid and stable while taping it up. If you cut it open before then the tube would get too weakened and creased.

Now tape up the inside of the tube. Make sure to cover the parts that were smoothed down on the inside earlier. Don't worry about the very edges along where you cut it open. It's ok if there is a small 1/4" or so gap along the edge.

Cut off the excess tape at the edge, don't wrap it over to the other side this time. Once both tubes are wholey covered cut them into (roughly) 1/2" - 3/4" strips going WITH the curve. Along the "shorter" side if you're looking at the tube's dimensions.

Don't worry if the strips aren't all precisely even or 100% straight. As long as they are close it's OK! Form a circle with two of the strips and tape them together where they are cut apart. Use a small strip of duct tape approximately 1/2" wide and wrap it around the two pieces so that they are closed and connected. Continue attaching all the rest of the strips to what you have started until you've made a wreath type shape. Add a strip to one of the rings in a wide arc. This will be the top of the wreath and what you use to hang it with.

Add on your fun decorations from the dollar store. I bought some dimensional, tri-layered snow flakes that I cut apart to use in pieces.

You can use a hot-glue gun to glue the pieces on, or E6000 (my typical choice in glue!). Add on as much or as little as you want. I added a beautiful girl from Saturated Canary that I had my daughter help me color in. Then once it was ready to put on I ended up adding some perfectly matching polka dots onto the green - using a green nail polish I had. It was not intentional to match the nail polish, but I think it worked out in my favor! I love the texture it end up giving!

I added a clear snowflake that has very subtle sparkles to the wreath, partially on top of the picture.

See the little snow flake above the girl? I had to prop it up while the glue dried. :-) I hope you have fun making this!

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  1. Well, this was fun and super cute too! I actually am going to be doing some t.p. roll crafts this week so, this is coming at the right time! found you at the linky party - I like your site, I'll be back! Come visit me @ http://robinlynnsroad.blogspot.com/2011/11/tis-season.html

  2. I hope you tried out this wreath! It really is easy and fun to make. :)