Monday, November 7, 2011

The Most Comfy Fancy Layers...

...and velvet cheetah print ultra ruffle pants.

I modeled this dress after a beautiful digital stamp from Krista at Saturated Canary (you can buy it in her Etsy shop here).

I thought she was super cute and reminded me SO MUCH of my little girl. Those big eyes, that crazy curly hair, her whole look. So cute. So her. :) I loved the idea of all the layers, and all of the potential for cuteness that was there.

I used layers of random fabrics cut to angles and individually sewn down. I wanted the colors to all look pretty together, but not necessarily match perfectly.

 The back is a beautiful raspberry purple color. The neckline is made from the softest velvet ever in a beautiful cheetah print that ties together at the back of the shoulder.

I used the same velvet cheetah fabric to make these pants that have a wonderful ruffle at the bottom. The waistband is my favorite kind for kids clothes - a yoga style fold-over one so that if your little one suddenly grows another inch or two taller the pants can still be worn!
I love how different this outfit is, and also how amazingly versatile. The dress and the pants can be worn together, or separately. With a long sleeved shirt and tights, or not! With the foldover waistband on the pants and the roomy arm holes on the dress, it can last through a few seasons, and a couple sizes too!

And one more picture for cuteness.

Want the pants? Go here! I'm still working on listing more sizes. I'm also working on listing the dress as a Made to Order. Each one will be unique - no two ever exactly the same fabrics in the same order!
Update: I've added a few more sizes of the pants, as well as the dress! I'm going to keep adding until I've got a nice variety of sizes. I'm also thinking of doing this in a different color scheme...mmmmmm LOVE this dress so so much!! <3 Believe me when I say it's even prettier in person.
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  1. This is so adorable! :) Saw your link on the Saturated Canary page. :)

  2. so sweet in that beautiful dress! gorgeous colours!
    hugs, Alina

  3. Thank you ladies!! Believe me, it's so so so much prettier in person, too!

  4. What a piece of art! Amazing fabric choices! Well done.

  5. Thank you very much!! I have a couple more color combinations I'm thinking of doing. :)

  6. Looks so beautiful, love the layers of fabric on the dress.

  7. Cute! I love the randomness of the ruffles. So fun!