Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NO Sewing Required Magnetic Bookmarks

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This is a super easy and really quick way to make NO SEW bookmarks. Make them for you, make them for friends, family, birthday presents, stocking stuffers, or even just because!

Around here we love to read. ALL of us, including the youngest. My 10 year old can read a 200+ page book in a couple hours. My toddler could have me read every book we have for her every day. My husband and I are both avid readers. Currently me more than him since he's (back) in school until December.

I did this project with my 10 year old. She loved doing it together. It could easily be done with a younger child.

Necessary supplies:
Scraps of ribbon or fabric* measuring a minimum of 1" x 2.5" - it doesn't really matter what kind or even if they are hemmed
Magnets - either recycle magnets** from random places (like your local pizza place), or buy magnetic sheets (preferrably with sticky stuff on one side already)
Heavy duty glue like E6000 or Aileen's if you're recycling magnets

**A quick note - if you're going to attempt to recycle fridge magnets first test them out. Peel off the paper as best that you can, cut the magnet into useable sized pieces, and test their magnetic attraction to each other through a few sheets of paper. Some magnets are just barely strong enough to stick to a fridge, and not actually strong enough to stick to each other through a few sheets of paper.

Cut a strip of magnetic sheet off and eye-ball how big it should be for the end of whatever strip of fabric or ribbon you are using.

Add glue to the backside of the magnetic piece if you are recyling magnet, or peel off the paper backing to the store bought magnetic sheet.

Press the piece of magnetic strip onto the end of the backside of the fabric. Repeat with the other end of the fabric, again on the back side.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat! You will have a whole slew of these babies before you know it!

See the ones that are curled? That's because the magnetic strip turned out to be not thick and strong enough. It was one of the magnets that I attempted to recycle. I found out after they were completely dry that they wouldn't flatten and work properly. So I peeled off the unusable magnet pieces and replaced them with the store bought, adhesive backed magnets.

If you glued the magnetic strips down you have to wait for them to dry at least 24 hours before it's safe to use them. If you used the magnet pieces that have the adhesive back you can use the book marks right away.

The top view of the book where the bookmark is visible.

The bookmark can be placed at the top of the book marking your page, and then a few pages later the other side comes down and the magnets lightly lock your spot in place.

The book mark can also be placed on the side of the book. It won't move out of place since the magnets are holding it where it belongs.

You can still make this project , even if you don't sew and have scraps of fabric. You can buy a roll of ribbon to use, cut up an old shirt of any kind, get a pillow case or shirt from goodwill to cut up, get the smallest cut of fabric possible from a fabric store, or get some scraps from someone else!

I hope you go forth and make lots of these...and then fill up your favorite books with them to mark the place of your current adventure. Or if you're like me and my 10 year old, adventureS since we both read multiple books at once. :-D Happy reading!!

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