Saturday, October 1, 2011

Updates and Tutorials on the Horizon

I'm seriously thinking of starting Tutorial Tuesday. This would A) Force me to write at LEAST once a week, B) Force me to actually write tutorials that I have been wanting/meaning to write, and C) Hopefully be informative for others. I have one tutorial that is completely finished - at least in pictures. But not yet written. And another few that I think I could manage to do over the next couple weeks.
I'd also like to start Funky Friday...just posting about funky and interesting things and where to find them. It could be fun!!

I've been working on a pattern for both selling as a pattern, and selling a product from. I was working pretty hard on it for a while, then had to start over. Then I started again, and my computer broke. Then decided I was a little burnt out and wanted to work on other things. And I haven't worked on it since. I need to schedule some time to force myself to finish it. I've used the pattern and I LOVE it. I just need to finish making it digital, and make the tutorial on how to use it. I WILL finish it. And when it is done I'm going to need some testers.
Any volunteers?!

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