Saturday, October 22, 2011

Getting ready for Halloween? 5 Fun Ideas Roundup

Here is a gathering of my favorite 5 quick and easy projects, in no particular order. I've been loving these and I think they are perfect for Halloween.  All of them can be made pretty quickly and easily, so last minute isn't a problem! And even if you don't "do" Halloween, many (if not all) of them could be altered slightly to make it fit your life and personality.

First up is

Maggie from Midwestern {Sewing} Girl. She and Simple Simon swapped blogs for a day so the post is actually on Simple Simon's blog (who I also love the blog of!). Sorry if that was confusing! She (Maggie) made a great pillow case candy bag!

Next up is

Little Lizard King. She came up with this great hooded cape pattern that would be perfect for many different Halloween costumes! Love her patterns!

(I'm going to be making my toddler's costume using this ruffled booty sun suit pattern of hers.)

Having a fun Halloween get together? Then you should check out

Carolina from Always Expect Moore. If we were going to throw a party I would definitely make one of these spider web frames!

This next one isn't something to wear or display, but something to EAT! YUMMM (Anyone that knows me knows how much I love food. Seriously. Did you notice I've been doing Food Fridays?!)

A Pocket Full of Buttons has been making these fabulous Halloween inspired bento boxes. How fun can they be!?

And finally we have another yummy treat that could be great for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or a fall themed party of any variety!

The Chocolate Room made these sweet (literally!) cake pops that look like pumpkins! I've been dying to make some cake pops and this just might be my first foray into the cake pop world! Don't they look yummy!? Nom!Nom!Nom!

I hope you enjoy these great tutorials, patterns, and yummy ideas as much as I do! Be inspired to create something. :-D
**Disclaimer: None of the pictures in this post belong to me. They all go to their respective blog owners. I have recieved permission from the blog owners to post pictures and buttons from their blogs.**


  1. Thank you for featuring our blog and bentos! Love that hooded cape, wonderful finds!

  2. Yay! Thank you so so so much for featuring my candy bag!!! You completely made my day, Harmony...;) LOVE that cape!!!