Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Snuggly Owl Pillow

OK, so this isn't exactly a tutorial. But there is a free owl pattern/tutorial through Sewing Republic from Bernina, which is now combined with their blog We All Sew thanks to Ashley at Make it and Love it. (If you haven't yet discovered her blog you need to go check it out! I LOVE all of the fun stuff she comes up with!!)

I made this adorable stuffed owl using the pattern she made for Sewing Republic. I used one of my husband's shirts that had been VERY well loved for MANY years for the main body in the front and back. On the front I actually used the back of the shirt, and on the back I made sure to use the breast pocket on the back for hiding little treasures.

I altered the way the wings were sewn on. I decided it would be fun to have the part of the wings that's towards the center of the owl be open instead of sewn down. That way little things could be hidden inside the wings, or the wings could be folded back over the sides.

To do this I had to sew down the center body piece. Then I made four wing pieces. Cut out the wing pieces as you are supposed to, and then with the wrong side on top of another piece of fabric's wrong side cut another wing piece. Do this again for the other wing. I then used silver binding around the edges for added texture before sewing only the outer edge into the side like the pattern calls for.
This was a Christmas present for my daughter's friend last year. Her friend LOVED the pillow. :)

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