Friday, December 30, 2011

The June Bug Dress Pattern Remix - PR&P

I'm not one of the contestants on Project Run and Play, but that sure isn't stopping me from playing along and entering the side contest! The first challenge is to take the June Bug dress by Jess of Craftiness is Not Optional and to change it up.

This is the materials that I used:

A couple of curtains and what's left of a pair of navy cordoroy jeans. (I used the other leg of the cordoroy jeans for an apron for my sister a while back.)

A closer picture of the two curtains.
Also used, but not pictured is one side of a duvet cover.

Please excuse the wrinkles - I don't usually care for ironing and avoid it when I can! And since these two pieces are the exact same size, and the exact sizes I needed, I didn't worry about the wrinkles warping the size of the fabric too much. Also excuse the picture quality for the ones above. Taking these pictures was an after thought, and my camera batteries were dead, so I used my phone.

I turned those things into this! I used the top part of the June Bug Dress to make the top of the jumper, and a pattern I'm testing for Little Lizard King for cargo pants for the pants part.

A fun jumper that is perfect for wearing while doing the laundry. Even if doing the laundry just means airing out your tutu skirt, super hero cape, and other fun clothes in the nice crisp air!

The fine whale cordoroy pants left over was turned into the top part. The buttons holding on the loops to hang the curtains were used for the closures. I cut in the bodice through the arm holes so it wouldn't be so wide. The loops themselves were used at the shoulders to make adjustable ties. The cordoroy goes vertically on the back and the two front side panels, and horizontally in the center panel.

I added a couple of the loops to the back of the bodice to serve as ties to tighten it up.

A closeup view of the bodice front. I added a pocket on top of where the blanket is using the duvet cover. I also added the dragonfly button.

I used the duvet cover to also make useable cuffs for the bottom of the pant legs. The cuffs at the bottom of the pant legs, combined with the ties at the shoulder, and the generous width of whole thing means this should last about a year! I also added a butterfly button because it looked like there needed to be one. ;-)

A side view of how cute this outfit is!

A nice view of the pretty flowers that hang out around the bases of the clothes line trees.

And now just a few pictures of how cute she was during this photo shoot....because she is just so cute! ;-)


  1. I love the fabric you used for the pants! So cute...

  2. so clever of you !
    the repurposing you did & all the details you added :)
    such cute textured polka dot fabric, too :)

  3. I just love repurposing fabric. The jumper turned out uber cute.