Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Criss Cross Soda Pop Tab Bracelet

I've seen soda pop tab bracelets here and there on the internet. I can't remember exactly where, so I can't link to them.
We really don't drink much soda around here so it took quite a while to get a handful of tabs to make a bracelet or two. Today I'm going to show how to make one doing criss crosses through the tabs.

You will need a nice length of ribbon, roughly 3/4 of a yard, and a handful of tabs.

Fold the ribbon in half and lace through each open end of the tab.

Leave a little bit of space and then tie a knot in the ribbon. Then add another tab by lacing one end of the ribbon under and through each side of the tab.

Take one piece of ribbon and cross it over to the other opening, still keeping it on the front side and putting it through to the back. Do the same thing with the other ribbon. Pull the tab down to touch the knot and pull the ribbon taut.

Add another tab by lacing the ribbon up underneath and straight through the back again.

Criss cross the ribbons over the top and through to the back again like you did before. Then pull the tab down and make the ribbons taut.

Repeat with as many tabs as you want until your bracelet is the way you want it to look. For this one I only added a few more so that there were enough to sit across the top of my wrist, but not come around to the back. Once you have as many as you want added on, tie a knot in the ribbon.

Put on your wrist (or someone else's) and put one of the ribbon ends through the loop you created at the beginning of the bracelet.

Finally tie a regular bow, and your bracelet is complete!

These are pretty quick and easy to make. They would be a pretty good little recycling project to do with your kids. I would suggest burning the ends of your ribbon - I couldn't find the lighter I always use (I only use lighters for crafts and candles... and I have no idea where it could have wandered off to!).

These would make fun, simple, cute, easy party favors, or a craft project for a party. Or to sell at an arts and craft fair at school for a fundraiser. Use wider ribbon for a slightly different look, or a combination of a couple of skinny ribbons, use scraps of fabric, lace, or the selvage edge of fabric, use your imagination!

Next week will be another method to use to make these. :) Have fun and recycle whenever you can!


  1. Can I tell you, I've been tring to figure out how to make these bracelet's by myself, and can not. This is so helpful. I look forward to seeing some more.

  2. I'm glad you found this helpful! I'll have a couple more versions over the next couple of weeks. :)