Friday, September 2, 2011

Chocolate Croissants

Chocolate filled croissants are super simple and very tasty. I made them for the first time the other night because I wanted to make something sweet and warm that the whole family could enjoy. I used a package of generic brand croissants.
Take them out of the package and lay them open on a baking sheet. Lightly sprinkle powdered, unsweetened baking chocolate onto the croissant and spread it out. Sprinkle sugar on top and spread out.

Put a single rectangle of Hershey's milk chocolate (or a piece of whatever kind of chocolate you prefer!) onto the larger end.

Roll up the croissant like you normally would. The chocolate powder and sugar will probably spill out some, but that's ok! Not a big deal, I promise!

Once the croissant is completely rolled up squish the edges together a little to help keep the chocolate trapped inside. Follow the directions on the croissant package for temperature and time. Check on the progress about halfway through the baking time to make sure they are looking good.

Once they are done let them cool down a little bit because the melted chocolate inside will be HOT.

Then gobble them down!

On a separate note, the first entries for Project Run and Play are up!! Those ladies are doing wonderful things already. :) I didn't get a chance to try my hand at this week's theme, but I'm going to definitely try to participate when I can! I just voted for my favorite (but really there are a few I'd like to vote for!), now it's your turn!!

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