Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Project Run and Play Season 2

OHHH! How excited I am to be able to get to see all the fun and excitement that is Project Run and Play again! I loved the friendly competition in the first "season" and I'm sure this one will be great too!
Maybe this time I will play along and try to make my own versions of things for the challenges ahead? We'll see. I'm horrible about blogging (yeah, shocker, right!? My last post was months ago!) but maybe if I play along it will "force" me to blog more often. I have many things I've been working on, and a few blog posts I want to do. I just have to find the time to do it all! Can we please make a day last 40 hours instead of just 24, and a week to be 10 days instead of 7? OK? Thanks! haha!
So here's to a 3/4 of the year is now over resolution to blog more often and to play along! Wish me luck!
P.S. Maybe I'll try to write a fun post tomorrow. If life cooperates. ;-D

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