Thursday, September 22, 2011

Adventures in Adi-Land

Having an active 1.5 year old is an adventure every day! Especially when she is super active and inquisitive.
All decked out with a hat, backpack, and baby in a stroller. She also had a purse a few minutes beforehand.
 The other day we went on an adventure around the yard. We saw all kinds of things at both her height, and the height I could lift her up to. A sensory learning adventure is wonderful done in your own backyard.
The bark of a palm tree has a very interesting shape and texture to a 1 year old.
Sometimes adventures can be great for learning numbers too. Counting the number of points on a leaf for example.

Being able to see things blow in the wind can also help with learning about weather.
Colors contrasting against each other make it easier to point out.

She just loves flowers. :)
Pretty purple berries are fun to look at. But since I have no idea what they are we don't touch!

This is about as "fall" as it gets around here, so we have to enjoy every bit of it we can!
The dog's fur is so fun to pet!

Gravity can be defied! And she tries to defy it herself by climbing on everything just like this vine.
Some things are smooth and prickly at the same time. An individual pine needle is smooth, but all together they are prickly. Pine also has a very distinct smell to it.
Different natural textures are nice to experience firsthand.

Sometimes beauty isn't healthy. I'm assuming this is a beautiful fungus.
Watching nature change in an instant while feeling the air shift and hearing the thunder rumble.
Sometimes the weeds get out of hand (when the rain won't quit!) and hide secret treasures - like bird baths.
Spiderwebs capture the light and feel very strange in your hand.
It's neat to see vines grow through lattice.

Skylights are captivating. Especially during a storm.

If you haven't documented a toddler's learning adventure in pictures before, you might want to give it a shot. It not only serves as a learning experience the first time around, but later the pictures can be looked at and you can remember what things felt like, smelled like, and all of the colors you saw. Give it a try! An adventure doesn't have to travel far and wide geographically, but in your child's mind. One of the definitions of adventure: an exciting or remarkable experience. You can have an adventure every day.

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