Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SMS Giveaway Day Update!!!

So far I've had more entries than I thought I would for my giveaway! So to entice some more people to enter I'm going to sweeten the deal for the SMS giveaway (for which you can enter here) I'm going to also give a $20 gift certificate to a SECOND winner to my Etsy store! The only catch? I'd like at least 45 entries (I'm almost to that! So it shouldn't take long to get there. Especially if some more people that have already entered enter in more ways!) Sound good to you? I hope so!

If you haven't entered already there's still some time! Go check out my entry rules, and check out all of the other great SMS giveaways going on! I've spent far more time blog hopping in the last couple days than sewing, that's for sure! (But don't worry, I'll be getting back to my machines ASAP!)

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