Wednesday, May 4, 2011

3Giraffes Inc - About Us

This is an exciting day!! The first post on the 3Giraffes Inc blog. I suppose a little history is in order.
I am Harmony, and the leader, and owner, of 3Giraffes Inc. I design, cut, sew, and give my ideas and input...well... constantly! I also maintain the blog and the listings. This is my baby, afterall. I need to do my best to be on top of everything. I've been designing clothes since I was about 10 years old. And sewing since I was about 12 years old. I've learned from the most masterful designer/seamstress/pattern maker I know - my mother!
My mom, Frieda, also designs, cuts, and sews. She started sewing when she was 12, and designing shortly after. She also makes the majority of the patterns that we use. Maybe one day we'll also offer patterns for sale. If we can figure out how!
Then there's also Briana. She's the helper, back-up, accessories co-ordinator, and helps to maintain the blog and the listings. She wears a lot of hats around here!!
Combined we have 64+ years of designing and sewing experience. Counting up the years and writing it down makes me realize just how much experience that really is! Wow!
I created 3Giraffes with the idea to create fashionable clothing for all ages. But I didn't just want to create fashionable clothing. I wanted to make the clothes using recycled products, and supporting local community centers. Overall we use a minimum of 50% recycled materials, but many items are made using 80% - 90% recycled materials. What are these materials? And what are the local community centers? The local community centers are places such as Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and the Christian Sharing Center. All of these places help local people in many many ways. The materials we use are things like sheets, pillow cases, table cloths, t-shirts, and pants. It is rare that you would be able to tell what parts of the garments have been upcycled, and what parts are brand-new materials. We will only tell you if you ask. Otherwise, feel free to enjoy the mystery!! We are also more than happy to have customers send in their own items to be upcycled. We do not charge more for custom items. If it's custom and a design that we already have, then it costs the same as what is listed for any other item of thte same size and style.
Follow us on Facebook for special sneak previews, and periodic discount codes. We will also be hosting giveaways through Facebook and the blog, so don't forget to check back often! Interested in becoming a sponsor? Let us know! We are happy to advertise for you.

Our goal is to make comfortable children's clothes while recycling and supporting local community centers as much as possible. If you ever have a question, or an issue with a garment please feel free to email us at . We are always happy to make the customer happy!

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