Monday, May 9, 2011

Items We Offer

Since we like to be eco-conscious, and use items that we can find at local thrift stores as much as possible, all of the clothing we sell is either Limited Edition, Uniquely Yours, or a Custom Creation.
Limited Edition means that we will make as many as the fabric we have allows, but once that fabric is used there will be no more of it's kind. We only use sheets, pillow cases, table cloths, and clothing that is in great condition. But since we do not have access to bolts of the fabric that we use there can only be a limited number made. When it comes to using sheets, pillow cases, and table cloths that limited number is usually no more than 10 - 15 items that are made from the same fabric. Of course this partly depends on the style of clothing being made. Smaller clothes (infant, and toddler) take less fabric than bigger clothes, and ruffles take a whole bunch more fabric than you can imagine! We try to make as large of a variety of sizes as possible to give more options to our customers. We also will make things as "Made to Order" Limited Editions. This means that we have a limited amount of fabric, will make one to take pictures of and list, but not cut out any more until it is ordered. That way the number made, and the sizes made, is dictated by the customer's desire, not ours!
Uniquely Yours is a label given to clothing that there will only ever be ONE of. There will be no other item exactly like it made. This might be due to having only a little bit of fabric, or it might be because we want to make many different items from the same fabric instead of making several of the same type. Sometimes you will see Uniquely Yours items that look very similar to another, but if it is labeled to be unique, then there is a definite difference between the items.
We are working on some "standard" designs that have been praised profusely while taking our children out to stores, malls, theme parks, parks, etc. These standard designs will be made in multiple types of fabric, sometimes offered up as Limited Edition, and sometimes as Uniquely Yours. We will also sprinkle in some new designs here and there to make things interesting.
If you, or your child, has a favorite t-shirt, or dress, or anything else, that you would like to have made into something new we are more than happy to create custom items for our customers! You can either let us have free reign over the Custom Creation design, or have complete control over what it will look like. It's up to you!

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