Friday, April 18, 2014

Overcoming Uncertainty

My youngest, that I wrote about in this blog post, is now 4 years old. It's amazing how fast time flies!!
She went through physical therapy and speech therapy to overcome the problems she was having. Now she is truly thriving. She would blow you away with everything she says and does for a kid her age, let alone one that had the scary start to life that she did.

Earlier this evening I read the first chapter of a 5th grade science book to her. (It came from the middle daughter's elementary school as a leftover when they got new books.) I asked her the questions in the book through the reading and asked her questions I came up with through the reading. And at the end of the chapter I asked her the questions in the book...and I'm so very impressed with how well she paid attention and the answers she gave! This little girl constantly blows me away with the things she remembers, knows, figures out, and says. I could write a book with all of them!

People, don't underestimate your kids - ever. They are incredible and resilient and with encouragement and perseverance on your part they can surpass all of your expectations.

This is the same child that when she was an infant and toddler the neurologist couldn't begin to tell us what we could or couldn't expect from her because of the hypoxia and subsequent damage she experienced during birth. 
I am so thankful to have this wonderful, intelligent, spunky, curious little girl in my life. She's perfect just the way she is. Even if she does whine when she's over tired. ;)

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