Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sewing Time Challenge

OK, so, I'm finding it a bit challenging lately to make time to actually SEW something. I have plenty of time to cut things out, but not sew said cut-out items together. My 4th grader nearly 5th grader just had her last day of 4th grade yesterday. *sigh* Time sure does fly!

Xarry looking all cute on her b-day in a 3G dress (plus shorts since we were at Universal).
On top of that, the baby-cakes got her cast off today (YAY!!!). Thank goodness it was only on for 3 weeks! She started using it like a club, and it started to STINK! Oy vey. That sucker almost made me pass out once or twice. (Both from getting bonked on the head, and from the smell. I had NO IDEA casts smelled so bad!)
Adi brushing her Xarry's hair yesterday. The last day with the stinky club cast on!
I'm thinking of making a tutorial on how to make some hair accessories. Maybe things like this...

A picture with her daddy...because it's just so cute I can't help myself.
What do you think? Interested in making one of your own? I just kinda threw that one together, and I can't even find where it went! But I can easily and quickly make another one and take pictures of the process, along with some words of advice on how to make it work. It only took about 8 minutes, maybe, to put it together. Interested?

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